April 24, 2024

it’s been a while since i wrote a blog post, but i do want to get back to posting more regularly. recently i have been at home recovering from facial feminization surgery at the end of march. for my recovery time, i’ve mostly been playing valorant and osrs, as well as learning some small coding stuff and starting a new godot project. as of today, i have 13 more days until i go back to work, and i am dreading it as well as kinda desperate to have a routine back.

i have been applying and interviewing for a new job, so i should hear back from them soon. i’m excited at the opportunity of being able to teach photography without having to deal with gradschool and working for a school district. the local district where i live has a pretty bad reputation, and it sounds like being an art teacher for them would be a pretty bad move. working in a community art space feels a lot more ideal, and would allow me to access lots of equipment that i normally wouldn’t have space for in my studio apartment. most of my lab equipment has been in storage for about 9 months now, and i won’t be able to start using all of it until i move into a larger living space, and have a room to set up a lab where cats cannot get to it (my partner’s cat gets into e v e r y t h i n g).

today i:

i’ll make sure to post again tomorrow :3

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