February 22, 2024

i have been thinking a lot about how to push information from my knowledge graph (usually refered to as my graph) to the web lately.

my first thought was to go with obsidian publish. i have bounced back and forth between obsidian and logseq for the past few years, to do things such as using markdown files to build a media database, my own personal version of letterboxd with queriable metadata/properties added to pages representing shows, movies, games, etc. i also like the idea because it will allow me to present my thoughts in the form that feels most comfortable for generating and recording them. outline based thinking has really made me feel hooked on taking notes”, something i would have scoffed about had you told me a few years ago. but alas here we are… i spend a lot more time alone now that i’m in my mid 20’s, and i spend a lot of time watching/reading/gaming, so tracking media has become a fun way for me to interact with data for the first time in a way that’s meaningful enough to me to want to learn more about how databases work.

logseq publish being an open-source project that i will need to host myself sounds a lot more fun and interesting to me as a project, ontop of the fact that i prefer logseq over obsidian if i had to just pick one, but i do use obsidian at times for writing documents, as well as sublime text, which i also love for programming. what i haven’t decided at this time is if i want a published logseq graph/media database exist alongside my website, or if i want to put everything inside of the published graph, and use that as the entire website.

but for now, this will do. i’m having a pretty swell time using blot as a means to host a website. at the time of writing, all the data in my webstie folder is about ~250KB… pretty cool stuff! i love the flexibility and ease of use when working with files as pages. markdown is so baked into my brain that i’m surprised it didn’t occur to me sooner that a markdown based website/blog would allow me to work so much faster than i could compared to slow buggy website builder UIs.

today i:

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